Buy Pickles Online – Indians Have the Age-Old Attachment for This Table Condiment

Food is much more than something we consume to get energy and sustainence. It is a form of art, a passionate love, and a deep reflection of our culture, heritage, and customs. Indian cuisine is as diversified as its people. Every ethnic sect has its own regional delicacies. Whether savoury or sweet, the range is quite enormous. However, the Indian palette is just as much about its condiments as its main items. Often the Indian spreads have a different section of table condiments which are additional accompaniments to bring out new flavours of the food. Amongst these table condiments the pickles, achaars, and chutneys hold a special place. Widely varied and diverse there is something for everyone. Now, you can buy pickles online. 

What are pickles?

Pickles are food items that are put in brine, oil, or vinegar and processed for a long time. A process of anaerobic fermentation takes place where the main food item is infused with the flavours of the vinegar, oil, spices, etc. Pickles often have a long shelf life and can be preserved for a long span of time, provided it is handled in a careful, clean, and hygienic manner. Pickles can be vegetarian and non-vegetarian. Different regions of India like West Bengal, Gujarat, Maharashtra has its own pickle specialties. Online, you can even buy homemade pickles that are manufactured in a normal household in different parts of India maintaining indigenous processes. 

Vegetarian Pickles

The array of vegetarian pickles is quite exhaustive. From different parts of the country, you can get numerous varieties of spicy and tangy vegetarian pickles. Some common items will be mango pickles, lemon pickle, tamarind pickle, green chilly pickle, ginger pickle, mixed vegetable pickle, garlic pickle, stuffed red chilly pickle, Amla pickle, drumstick pickle, bitter gourd pickle, etc. All these variants are spicy and tangy.

Non-vegetarian Pickles

You can also get a huge range of non-vegetarian pickled items, some common items are fish pickle, crab pickle, chicken pickle, boneless chicken pickle, mutton pickle, prawn and shrimp pickle and so on. A majority of these delicacies are from shores of Kerala, Goa and the river belts of Bengal.  These varieties are also a part of the spicy, savoury, and tangy group.

Sweet Pickles or Chutneys

There is no hard and fast rule that pickles need to be savory, spicy, and tangy. There is a huge variety of sweet pickles also known as chutneys. Some popular varieties are sweet mango chutney, ginger date chutney, sweet lime chutney, etc.

Often getting so many varieties under a single roof can be really challenging. This is where you can opt to buy pickles online

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